God, History, and Dialectic

The Theological Foundations of the Two Europes and Their Cultural Consequences

by Dr. Joseph P. FarrellD.Phil.(Oxon.)

This amazing, epic work in 4-volume set (with apparatus) is available only in electronic version and comes in a secure, self-contained ebook reader that works on a Windows PC in conjunction with the latest version of Adobe Reader for Windows.


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Over the course of a decade, many students and friends have encouraged me to compile my personal observations on the theological foundations of the Two Europes into some comprehensive and annotated arrangement, and “to get it all down on paper”.This is my first, though no doubt, not my last, attempt to do so.Doubtless I have omitted many observations made during lectures, and glossed over others.Nevertheless, to all my students of the past ten years to whom I have had the privilege to profess Ancient and Medieval History, Patristics, and Philosophy these essays are warmly and gratefully dedicated.

I also owe an immense debt of gratitude to the man whom I consider the finest professor and academic mentor one could possibly hope for.His rhetorical and analytical brilliance opened many doors and infused much of his own passionate and intense joy in professorship and scholarship into all his students.Though years have contrived to delay this much belated “thank you”, and various circumstances do not permit me to thank him by name, I count myself fortunate to have been one of his students.Therefore to T.M.W. this work is also most gratefully dedicated.

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