God, History, and Dialectic

The Theological Foundations of the Two Europes and Their Cultural Consequences

by Dr. Joseph P. FarrellD.Phil.(Oxon.)

There are 2 Editions of this  amazing, epic work in 4-volume set (with apparatus).

  1. NEW EDITION: available HERE.
  2. OLD EDITION: From January 19th-Feb 29th, 2016: if you purchased a license to the old PC-only edition, you may trade it in for 75% off the new edition (same text, but vastly easier to use, and it works on Mac, PC, Linux, tablets, etc). It’s very simple: purchase the “All 4 Volumes” edition at the above link, and use your old license key as your coupon code.


  1. We may never run it again, so avail yourself of it while it’s running. You’re going to love how much easier it is to use the new edition.
  2. Taking advantage of the trade-in discount on the new edition means you agree that you’re relinquishing the license to the old edition, and that the new edition falls under the same terms as the old edition (namely: it is licensed to you personally, not to be distributed, etc).
  3. Select the “all 4 volumes” edition of GHD (not the individual volumes – that won’t work). Be sure to input the coupon code *before* checking out, or it will charge you full price. Your coupon code is your old license key, not your invoice number or another number.
  4. Your license key only works once as a coupon code. If you purchased multiple licenses, each of them can be used (traded in) once.
  5. Once you check out, you’ll be returned to a page with the download links to the files, and you’ll be sent an e-mail with the download links. Save/don’t lose the e-mail, in case you need to re-download your individually licensed editions in the future (check your filters if you don’t see the e-mail). Don’t lose your files. Ultimately you, the end-user, must be responsible for backing up your files; we can’t keep backups. Keep a copy on a thumb drive in your sock drawer. 🙂

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